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Black Friday Weekend Sale! by Dacon


Black Friday sales are here! This is the biggest sale MineVast has had in 2 years, don't miss out!


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Build for MineVast! by Dynsalir

Hey Guys!

We're currently looking for a group of talented builders to help on a medium scale project that requires a new build. This is your chance to get your building skills recognised by the server and community (your heads will be placed somewhere in the build).

More details will be released to applicants that have been successful. If you would like to apply we're looking for the following:
- Must be B or above in rank on creative (unless you can prove your skill level)
- Must be able to work to a tight deadline and take creative initiative
- Applicants would benefit from being able to use VoxelSniper for terraforming.

This project will include quite a bit of terraforming and you will be sticking to a strict design theme with a preset colour/block palette.

If you're interes


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Weekly Giveaway (Nov. 27) by Dacon

Winners of this weeks Giveaway! (Dec 4th)

Congratulations to the 10 winners of the Week 3 Giveaway!

1st Place Prize: MVP Rank = Grxphics (You will receive the rank for free the second it is released)
(The winner for 1st place will be drawn at random)

2nd Place Prize: $40.00 = elitekumquat
(The winner for 2nd place will be the player with the #1 Most Entries)

3rd Place Prize: $30.00 = BendingRodriguez
(The winner for 3rd