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NEW: Exclusive Titles/Prefix's by Dacon

We have just launched a new feature on the Store. You can now purchase Titles to be displayed next to your username.

We will be adding more titles for each server as time goes on, and might release limited time only titles for certain events.


There is currently a 25% Global Sale




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September Top Voters by Dacon

Top 3 voters can check their /mail in Hub for their Coupon Codes!

Thanks everyone for voting this month! There is currently x2 voting rewards for the next 7 days!


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1 Year of Parkour [New Spawn and... by Dacon

Last week Parkour hit it's 1 year anniversary, and wow did it ever grow bigger than I anticipated. (Currently 160 people on Parkour as I write this)

We have launched the new Spawn made by the one and only crazypeacock! It is currently on PK-1 and will be released on PK-2 tonight. The new spawn has:

  • 2 more portals
  • 2 Featured Courses of the Month
  • Hall of Insanes (Downstairs) (All Insane ranked players)
  • In-game leaderboards (Coming soon)
  • Voting Treasure Chests (New voting rewards)

A lot of people have been asking about when The Drop is coming out. It should be released in October, I've been a bit busy with school just starting back up, and working on other things like Olympus and server optimizations.