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Updates - 07/19/2016 by Dacon

Quests (Survival)

Quests have finally been released! To open the quest menu you can type either /quests, /quest, or /q
There are currently 35 quests available to complete, but we plan on adding a lot more, and ones with a story line to them rather than just objectives very soon!

You can also view the total rewards for each quest line by typing /questrewards. Completing a quest line will also gift you a very cool reward! Ranging from toggling infinite hunger, never having to use lapis in enchant tables, new kits, fish slappers, OP pickaxes and more!

New Chest Locking System (Survival)

You no longer have to use signs to lock


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Parkour Score + New Rank by Dacon

Last night Parkour received some updates; One of them being Parkour Score!

How to get score:
Easy: 15 Score
Medium: 30 Score
Hard: 60 Score
Expert: 100 Score
Insane: 200 Score

After this news post, your score will soon be featured on http://minevast.com/stats and http://minevast.com/leaderboards

Gem Prizes have been changed
Easy now gets 15 Gems
Medium now gets 30 Gems
Hard now gets 60 Gems
Insane and Expert still get their 100/200 Gems


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New Staff Members by Dacon


8 players have joined the staff team today!

 @Phinx - Creative