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Parkour Updates by Dacon

> Server updated to 1.8.3 - You now must use 1.8 or higher to log in. This also means we now accept courses with 1.8 blocks! Converting to 1.8.3 allowed us to update many plugins which were causing performance issues.

> Sidebar Updated. Now shows total votes and Online players, also changed the design/layout

> You will now only receive voting rewards if you are logged into Parkour. This is due to Votifier having a high Pct tick. Offline voting will return soon.

> Trail particle designs updated

> SQL Synchronization is now 2x faster

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Lets talk about Prison... by Dynsalir

Attention Prisoners,

So as many of you know, our Prison has fallen into disarray and we've been ignoring it for a while now... this is all about to change. We've decided to completely revamp the system and convert Prison into an OP Prison, which some of you many be thrilled about.

I will be spearheading this project with the help from a good friend, Utes. [USER=2153]@Utes[/USER] will be our new Prison Admin and will be managing the server for us. What this revamp includes is a complete reset of your ranks, money, plots and everything else that you hold dear. This will be released within the new two weeks, so put it in your calendars!

Below are a list of things that you can expect to see in the new OP Prison;

  • New kits
  • Some new mines
  • PvPing areas around the prison
  • Hidden activities
  • Quests/jobs
  • Dungeons - prison related
  • Custom mobs/bosses and loot
  • Custom enchantments
  • Cool donor features
  • Cool voting rewards
  • Key crates
  • Gang System - including gang wars
  • > And so much more

If you would like to suggest anything that you wish to see in our new Prison server then just leave it below in a comment.

I'll be updating this thread every couple of days to include images of anything new to keep you all updated on the process.

Your not-so-loving Warden,
Dylan. <3

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Forum Changes by Triplenox

Hey everyone,

The forums have been moved to a new domain; forums.minevast.com - any current Forum posts with the old URL will redirect here, but please start using forums.minevast.com now, this is also accompanied by a change in our website - if you clear your browser cache then you should have minimal issues with resources caching.

We have cleared cache on our end and we are now running on a faster webserver - please report any bugs that you find to me!