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May Map Update + Account Linking... by Dacon

Before we get into the new maps, would like to announce that linking your in-game account to the forums has been fixed! Unfortunately to fix this issue we had to clear our database tables, meaning if you already linked your account, you will have to do so again
[Linking your account will also sync your skin as your avatar, unless you already have a custom avatar uploaded]

Type /link on the Hub server to link your account
Go to the link it provides you

(May take up to 5 minutes to sync)


13 new maps have been released on Skywars and Parkour


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Barebones PvP | Creative Updates... by Dacon

UPDATE: http://forums.minevast.com/threads/kitpvp-is-staying-barebones-update-poll.6887/

Some of you may have heard of the Barebones server. This project has taken turn, and has now became our main focus for our newest gamemode. We have more features planned for it than initially.

What is Barebones?

In Barebones, there is a single kit, that is automatically equipped to your account. You will not drop this kit on death, and will instantly respawn (skip respawn screen) with it again.

Killing other players will give you coins. With these coins you can


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Can't connect to MineVast [BACK ... by Dacon

Update #4: We are now officially removed from the blacklist. You can now connect to MineVast again!

Update #3:
Mojang has removed us from the blacklist. It will take anywhere from a couple hours to 3 days to update. Let's hope a couple hours :)

Update #2:
Despite being 100% EULA compliant for 5-6 days, Mojang decided to add our Parkourse.com domain to the blacklist, instead of removing us. I am still waiting for a response to my email (Should hopefully receive on in the next few hours.) I believe this might just be a communication error between the Brand Enforcement team and the people that are adding servers to the actual blacklist.

Update #1:
Mojang has added our .net domain to the blacklist, even though we are 100% EULA compliant. W