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Friends and Groups by Dacon

Friends have returned to MineVast along with a new Groups system

Type /f or /friends for a list of friend commands

Groups are a way to invite multiple people into a private chat
Type /g or /group for a list of group commands

Some awesome updates to Parkour and Islands will be out soon!


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MineVast Turns 3 | Updates | Giv... by Dacon

MineVast has turned 3 years old today! I'm so happy that we've kept an awesome community for all this time.
I can't wait for our community to grow even bigger this October.

Nether/End Resets + World Expansions

Skyblock Nether World has been reset
Survival Nether World has been increased in size by 100%
Survival End World has been reset
Survival Main World has been increased in size by 2


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Changelog + New VIP Perks by Dacon

Hey guys, some new perks for the VIP rank have been released, check them out below. Scroll down further for a changelog/update list

Edit: You can now disable the inventory scroller in the /settings menu
You can also now disable the VIP menu chest that you log in with in /settings as well

Inventory Scroller [Requires VIP Rank] [Survival, Skyblock, Islands, Creative]

Hate managing your hotbar? Now you can setup your inventory to have preset hotbars, and able to switch between them by shift + scrolling.

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