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Triple Vote Rewards by Dacon

There is now Triple Voting Rewards from February 1st - 7th.

An in-game vote leaderboard now displays on the Hub servers, and the website leaderboard @ http://minevast.com/vote has also been fixed.

Additionally, there is now new vote rewards. The top 3 voters can choose a prize of either $50.00 USD on Paypal or a $50.00 USD coupon code for the webstore!

You can vote @ http://minevast.com/vote

Or @ the following links
1) http://minevast.com/vote1
1) http://minevast.com/vote2
1) http://minevast.com/vote3<


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KitPvP 6.0 is here! by Dacon

NOTICE: You will not have your Donator rank when you first join the server. You must RE-CLAIM it for FREE @ http://store.minevast.com/category/548334
[We had to reset ranks to support name-changing]

New World:

A new world has arrived to KitPvP! This new map features 6 unique areas containing over 10 million blocks!
This new map is slightly larger than our previous one, however we are working on advertising in February for KitPvP to be even more popular than it was in it's prime.

You can navigate throughout the world in-game by typing /Travel or by stepping on the good ol random teleporter blocks.


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Recent Drops/Downtime by Dacon

Over the past 2 days MineVast has been frequently dropping resulting in unfortunate amounts of downtime - This was due to our back-end servers being attacked.

We've since then moved Bungee and the Hubs to a separate machine with better security precautions (To prevent this from happening again)

Furthermore, we've taken this opportunity to fix the sub-domains as well as greatly improving the ping for EU players. (Sub-domains are domains you can use like parkour.minevast.com and kitpvp.minevast.com etc. to connect directly to servers instead of the Hubs)

Due to the downtime we will be extending the 80% sale till January 4th (The date most schools start back up)

Enjoy the rest of the holidays!

- Dacon