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Skyblock Drop Party!! by Purple4me

1:30 p.m. EST/6:30 p.m. UK

This time the items will include spawners, staff heads, diamond, gold, emeralds, snow, and more!

Feel free to suggest other items to be included in the party.

Hope to see you there!

-- The MineVast Staff Team


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October Voters + New Forums Feat... by Dacon

Here is MineVast's top 3 voters of October.

Congratulations, please check your inbox for your rewards!

I have released a new feature allowing you to sync your Minecraft account to your Forum account. Once synced, it will appear like this:

This will also soon show your exact Donator rank beside it!
To sync your account, simply type /link on one of our Hub servers and click the link provided.

Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!
- Dacon


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