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New machines + Live updates + Ne... by Dacon

New Machines

Recently you may have noticed alerts and servers going offline for "Transfers". You've may have also noticed a huge performance increase in many of the servers. Over the past week we've transferred all of the games onto 5 separate dedicated servers.

We originally used 1 dedicated server with overkill specs, however this was causing some bad load balancing, also it is not very smart to have everything on a single machine. We've purchased 5 new dedicated servers with better CPU's for load balancing/minecraft. We've also setup a dedicated server solely for database requests. Last week when some streamers came on our databases crashed from so many requests at once. Now we can handle an amount of concurrent requests.



Live Updates

You can now view all the small updates/changes @ http://minevast.com/revisions
Whether it be bug fixes, changes or new content - It'll all be posted here!


New Staff

We have recently invited some new members of the community to the Staff team! Please welcome:

    • Eyeless_Tenshi - Prison Guard

    • Meeser_Nobody - Prison Guard

    • xYuko - Creative Helper

    • dksoyland - Parkour Helper

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Prison Updates - Olympus by Dynsalir

Greetings fellow Olympians,

Lets talk about Prison some more. Yesterday Dacon and I were talking about what else we should do to Prison to bring more flavor to it. While bouncing around ideas we thought "why not completely change the theme of the server[?]" and after some discussion we decided that a great theme would be Greek Mythology and Gods. A lot of you are probably wondering what this mean for the features of Prison and its release date.

Your journey began on that one fateful day, when Hercules came to your village seeking help. You did not know that he was seeking you, how could you? You were just a lowly farm worker, you had nothing to offer the Demigod so you continued working.

Shortly after Hercules approached you accompanied by his gallant steed Pegasus, you had never seen such a horse before in all your life. While you stared at the Demigod in awe he finally spoke up "You there, you're the one I'm looking for! Can you help me?", you weren't prepared for what came next...

Lets start with the good news - the new features that this theme brings;

  • New spawn

    • Mount Olympus. You work your way up the ranks to reach Olympus at the top.

  • New prison mines

    • Set in unique locations.

  • New prison rank names

    • You're working your way up to become a God so it wont be standard "A" - "Z".

  • PvP arena

    • Will be located in the Underworld.

  • Challenge system

    • Once you have the rank-up money you then need to complete a challenge to rank-up and get unique gear. Challenges could be:

      • Parkour
      • Quest
      • Dungeon/Boss Fight
      • Complete a maze
      • Much more.

  • "Gifts of the Gods"

    • Unique items that you get by completing challenges. These items all have their own special ability and are stored in a backpack.

      • You're unable to trade, sell and drop these items. They're soul-bound.

  • Quest lines

    • Like saving Prometheus from the wrath of Zeus.
    • Slaying one of the Gorgon sisters.

  • So much more

The bad news is that it will need to be delayed further. This is due to the need of new mines, pvp arena and spawn which all have to be custom built by our build team, goCreative. Because we want the best quality from our builds this will probably push us back a month or so. However, this gives us all the time needed to implement all these new features and have everything polished for you guys.

All the features listed in my previous post, "Lets talk about prison...", will still be in effect just tweaked slightly to meet the new theme. If you havent read that post already then you can read it in the spoiler below.

Attention Prisoners,

So as many of you know, our Prison has fallen into disarray and we've been ignoring it for a while now... this is all about to change. We've decided to completely revamp the system and convert Prison into an OP Prison, which some of you many be thrilled about.

I will be spearheading this project with the help from a good friend, Utes. @Utes will be our new Prison Admin and will be managing the server for us. What this revamp includes is a complete reset of your ranks, money, plots and everything else that you hold dear. This will be released within the new two weeks, so put it in your calendars!

Below are a list of things that you can expect to see in the new OP Prison;

  • New kits
  • Some new mines
  • PvPing areas around the prison
  • Hidden activities
  • Quests/jobs
  • Dungeons - prison related
  • Custom mobs/bosses and loot
  • Custom enchantments
  • Cool donor features
  • Cool voting rewards
  • Key crates
  • Gang System - including gang wars
  • > And so much more

If you would like to suggest anything that you wish to see in our new Prison server then just leave it below in a comment.

I'll be updating this thread every couple of days to include images of anything new to keep you all updated on the process.

Your not-so-loving Warden,
Dylan. <3

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Skyblock 3.0 | Parkour Updates |... by Dacon


The long awaited Skyblock 3.0 is finally here! Over the past week i've worked endlessly on this update, which contains a lot of brand new things - So there may be a couple bugs here and there! Please report them if you find any.

To start off, we recently purchased another dedicated server, and have moved Skyblock to it. This is to decrease the overall load of our servers (less lag). We will also be moving Prison and possibly factions to this dedi soon.

Everything on Skyblock has reset, except for your ranks. Speaking of ranks, all donator ranks are now available on Skyblock (Premium, VIP, Legend, Vast and Sponsor). However, you won't have these ranks upon logging in, as these were never registered on the server. To claim your rank, go to http://bit.ly/claimrank
TIP: Once you've claimed your rank, you can type /claim in-game to get your cash and mcMMO credits!

Here are some of the many new features Skyblock 3.0 has to offer:

  • New Spawn
  • New starting islands (Regular, Donator, and our 2.0 island)
  • New Auction system - Type /auc to open up the Auction House!
  • New anti-scamming trade system - Simply type /trade to trade them through a GUI
  • Sell your items on the go with /sell
  • Nether Fortress rate nerfed
  • Can now use color codes in anvils
  • Mob Spawning / Chunk rates are now how they're supposed to be
  • New sidebar
  • Many new island features
  • New island challenges ( Still a WIP )
  • New chest lock system, simply place a sign on a chest for it to auto lock.
  • mcMMO heavily tweaked
  • AFK kicker implemented
  • Easy to use User Interfaces
  • Mythical Treasure Chests added ( I will be adding more rewards before selling keys on the store )
  • PvP Island arena! /warp pvp
  • Longer nicknames
  • PETS have returned!
  • Now selling ores in shop for mcMMO smelting
  • Some awesome new donator perks! Also each rank has their own kit
  • Trails/Clouds fixed/updated
  • Auto-Smelt removed
  • New spawner system, right click on a spawner to change it. Requires money now depending on what you are changing it to.
  • New chat format + hover
  • No. More. Lag. ( I guarantee it ) ( Not talking about FPS lag )

There's a lot of smaller things that have been updated/added but I honestly can't remember/don't want this list to be too long.

So with that said, I hope you guys enjoy this update! I will make sure to fix any bugs you find ASAP. Also will be releasing a Mob Arena soon.



It's been crazy this past week with Parkour! We've had many youtubers/streamers randomly come on and start recording! This almost instantly filled up both Parkour servers, so we decided to release a third server, as you may already know.

Filling the servers up made me really realize how poorly coded our main parkour plugin was. We've gotten a developer to make a brand new one, causing virtually no lag at all. Parkour use to be at 15TPS, but now we're at a solid 20TPS. If you notice any lag spikes, this could be from a voting bug we're currently having on all servers which is costing a lot of TPS.

The Radio has also returned and songs now loop after finishing!

We have some big updates planned for parkour, including a new mini-game we're creating in collaboration with goCreative called "The Drop". This will be synced to the parkour servers, and more updates on this will be out soon.

Seeing how fun the last Parkour Tournament was, the mods and I plan to do these as much as possible, so make sure to keep an eye out for news posts of upcoming tournaments!



A frequently asked question we've been getting is:
When is Prison 2.0 coming out??

If you haven't already read Dynsalir's thread on Prison 2.0, please check it out here:

The plan was for me to work on SB 3.0 and Dylan to work on Prison 2.0, however some things came up for Dylan including unexpected University assignments causing the work to be pushed back. Now that SB 3.0 is released, I will also be working on Prison 2.0, so expect updates on that from us soon! (At least a week)


Vote Winners

Finally, here are the top voters of April! Thank you everyone for voting this month, and congratulations to the following. Double Rewards Week is also now live and will be till June 8th.

Your coupon codes have been sent to your /mail on the Hub server. You can use these codes on checkout @ http://store.minevast.com